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Client References

"We’re an IT textbook publisher and once had an entire series of books translated. Roland provided the best translations by far, always delivered on time, and all in all it was a great pleasure to work with him. We highly recommend him as a German > English IT translator."
- Dr. Thorsten Schneider, CEO, Webmasters Akademie Nürnberg

"We worked with Mr. Galibert on translating our website as well as a printed training folder from German to English. The cooperation was very smooth, we got the translation work done perfectly in time and with good results. We find the result of the translation very appealing, being technically precise yet also appealing in terms of marketing [and] got good feedback from our customers."
- Karl Schott, CEO, Spirit in Projects

"[Roland’s] style and his website gave me the impression that he was precise and to the point – and he was. I particularly appreciate his clear and easy-to-follow language in all the technical translations he did for me."
- Nina Maria Wieser, Word Force Translations

Without exception, we all feel that this is a very good translation – it flows and is “un-German” ;-) but still conveys the spirit of the German version. Very nice translation!"
- Sabine Polotzek, Locatech

"Roland primarily translates IT and technical content for us and demonstrates excellent subject knowledge. We certainly recommend Roland’s services and look forward to our continued cooperation."
- Gillian Turnbull, Vendor Manager, The Translation People